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Ant’s Driving School Cars

Ant’s Driving School operates Manual and Automatic cars which have been converted to Eco-Friendly Dual Fuel (Autogas).

What is Automatic?

There are just 2 pedals:

 1 to go – the accelerator

 1 to slow – the brake

Learning to drive in an automatic usually takes less time, so you can be ready for your test sooner.

Driving is much more relaxed as you do not have to worry about changing gear or operating the clutch. Your hands are free to steer! Driver fatigue is greatly reduced.

Having no clutch helps to relieve back ache, which can be caused in a manual car especially in slow-moving traffic. Even if you have a healthy back, not having to use a clutch will help to prevent back ache.

Driving will be smoother and safer as your mind is free to concentrate on being a safe driver.

The latest automatic cars can be more eco-friendly than the equivalent manual cars.

Check Ant’s prices for automatic lessons…

manual automatic cars
manual automatic cars 2

All cars are Vauxhall Corsa Special Equipment models with Dual Controls.

The cars are high specification with the following features:

 Power steering
Electric mirrors & windows
Adjustable seats & steering wheel
ABS (Anti-lock braking system)
Multiple air bags
Automatic headlights
Automatic windscreen wipers
Automatic dipping rear view mirror
Air conditioning – to keep you cool in summer and essential in winter to keep the car demisted!


Learning to drive with Ant’s Driving School helps to save the planet! All cars have been converted to Autogas to provide Eco-Friendly driving!

Drive In Comfort

All cars are high specification models with features designed to help you concentrate on driving!